London Photo Portfolios - Fashion, portrait and model portfolio photography

London Photo Portfolios - Fashion, portrait and model portfolio photography
Fashion & celebrity portrait photographer London

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

London Photo Portfolios

Fashion photographer London

London Photo Portfolios is a professional photography studio in London specialising in fashion and portrait photography

My name is Zuzana Breznanikova and I am the photographer and Director of London Photo Portfolios.

Fashion photographer London | Portrait photographer London | Celebrity portrait photographer

I fell in love with photography when I was still in high school before doing my Masters in London. My dad gave me this old film black and white camera and showed me how to develop photos in the dark room. At that time I probably spent more time in the dark room then taking actual photos. I published my first photo in a newspaper when I was 17 but did not choose to become a journalist photographer. I wanted to use my creativity and found reporting or journalism too restrictive. I found fashion photography more creative and more satisfying.

I love the freedom that digital camera gives me. I can take as many photographs as I like without worrying about how long will the photos take to develop in the dark room. Isn't great seeing the result instantly? I am what you would call a 'happy clicker'. I take thousands of photographs a week. I am very passionate about photography and the way it enables to capture the moments, beauty and memories.

To see some of my fashion photography work:

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